Days of Our Lives: Santo DiMera and Colleen Brady

Sister Colleen ministers to an injured Santo

Sister Colleen ministers to an injured Santo DiMera

During the Summer of 2007, Days of Our Lives featured an extended flashback series focusing on Colleen Brady and Santo DiMera. The storyline depicted the beginning of the Brady/DiMera Feud, and it paralleled the story of contemporary characters, E.J. DiMera and Sami Brady (the characters were also portrayed by E.J. and Sami actors James Scott and Allison Sweeny).

After Santo was injured in a pub brawl in Galway, Ireland. A novice nun named Colleen Brady treated his injuries. We find that Santo is a business man with a son, Stefano, and wife that live in Italy.

Santo and Colleen, who believed that Santo’s wife had died, fell in love and had an affair. When the truth comes out, according to Stefano, Colleen committed suicide by jumping from a cliff that overlooked the ocean (similar to Widow’s Hill storyline in Dark Shadows original series). Santo blamed Colleen’s death on her family, the Bradys, and swore to get vengeance for the loss of the love of his life.

However, Colleen had not died. She went to South America where she gave birth to Santo’s son, John Black. The baby is adopted by the Alamain family.

On his deathbed, Santo learns that the Brady family is living in Salem. He sends word to Stefano to renew the vendetta. This must have been before Stefano’s first appearance in Salem on the January 18, 1982 episode of Days of Our Lives.

Hogan Sheffer created Santo and Colleen during his stint as Head Writer of Days of Our Lives (October 5, 2006 – January 24, 2008). Sheffer also won four Daytime Emmys and was nominated for a Writers Guild of America award for his work on As the World Turns.