Controversial Soap Storylines- DOOL’s Return of Tommy Horton

 It was always a battle. In 1968 we wrote a story line that had one of our characters, Tommy Horton, return from Vietnam with amnesia and post-traumatic stress disorder. War was completely raging at the time, and the network wouldn’t let us mention it in any way whatsoever. They said, “No, let’s just say that he came back from Korea.” We said, “Wait, Korea was 1950 … this is 1968!” But they insisted that we couldn’t talk about Vietnam. So he came back from Korea. -Ken Corday

In a 2011 interview with Mental Floss magazine titled “Sex & Death in the Afternoon,” Ken Corday, Days of Our Lives producer (and son of DOOL creators, Betty and Ted Corday), mentioned that soap writers and producers always had to deal with  interference from the networks. Even though soap operas were looked down on as an unsophisticated, low-brow medium, soaps dealt with controversial topics and current events.

photo: Tom (Tommy) Horton, jr – portrayed by John Lupton